Character Creation Rules

The November adventure is a 5th level adventure.

Rolling Stats & Character Creation: Roll 3d6, rerolling 1’s and 2’s for all stats except your primary stat and one player selected secondary stat. Roll an extra 1d6 (disregarding 1’s & 2’s) and the add the result to your primary stat. Pick one secondary stat and roll an extra 1d6 and add the result to your chosen secondary stat (disregarding 1’s & 2’s). All characters and their pets get the maximum amount of hit points on their first HD. New characters will start with the maximum starting wealth for the class. Wealth and magic items will be adjusted for characters starting above level 1. Each player gets to choose two traits as described in the APG.

Races & Classes: You can play any of the player character races but you need to include any applicable level adjustments based on monster races or use the Savage Species breakdown for a monster race. You can play any class (Pathfinder, 3.5, or 3rd party)and take any prestige class you qualify for.

Psionics: Psionics and magic are similar but not exactly the same. Psionics, while present in Golarian, occurs more rarely than magic. Spell resistance is not as effective against psionic powers and power resistance is not as effective against magic. An opponents spell resistance is reduced by 50% for psionic powers attempting to overcome it. Power resistance is also reduced by 50% for spells (arcane or divine)attempting to breach it. Dispel magic has a 50% chance of dispelling a psionic effect and dispel psionics has a 50% chance of dispelling a magical effect. A psionic adventurer has the Psicraft skill instead of Spellcraft skill. Similarly, the Use Magic Device skill for psionic items is instead Use Psionic Device, and skill points in one skill do not give any training in the other.

Hero points: Each player begins the game with 1 hero point. You earn a new hero point at every level. You can also earn a hero point for being funny, inventiveness, and spectacular success. A player cannot have more than three hero points at a time. You can use hero points to:
• act out of turn,
• to gain a +8 luck bonus to a single d20 roll,
• to take an extra action, to get an inspiration/hint from the GM,
• recall a single spell or gain another use of a special ability that is otherwise limited,
• reroll any single d20 roll, to succeed in an impossible event,
• you can spend a hero point to gain access/learn a spell that is not in the standard books (DM will give 2 class appropriate spells to choose from),
• 2 hero points can be spent to cheat death, and
• 3 hero points can be spent to ensure success on a god call (normally rolling 100 on percentile is required). Note that success only means that you got the attention of your god (if you have one) or a god or godlike power if you don’t. What happens once you have their attention will make for some interesting gaming!

The DMs get 3 villain points per encounter. Boss monsters gets 1 villain point of their own. Villain points can be used the same way as hero points.

Buying and selling: Used items will sell for 50% of listed value unless there is obvious damage to them. You can possibly increase this amount by making a diplomacy check with the buyer. A DC 15 success will add an additional 5%. A DC 20 moves this to +10%, a DC 25 equals 15%, and a DC 30 success will add 25% for a sell price of 75% of the item list price. To make things interesting you have to decide in advance how much of a bump in sell price you are shooting for. If you fail your diplomacy roll, the sell price goes down by that amount! If you want to buy or sell items between sessions email me the details and your diplomacy skill bonus. I will then roll it and let you know the outcome.

A similar system will be in place for purchasing items beyond mundane provisions. Sell prices will start at 125% of list and then you can make a diplomacy check to try and lower the mark up by 5% (DC 15), 10% (DC 20), 15% (DC 25),25% (DC 26-29) or you actually talk the seller into giving you a 5% discount off of list price (DC 30).

Character Creation Rules

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